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Thank you for your interest in our services, if you can please fill out all of the form below, this will enable us to get you a quote as fast as possible. All our quotes are free with no-obligation. We aim to respond to enquiries within 1-2 business days. Quotes will be send out even faster if you send photos too we can usually respond with a quote on the same day. Please fill out all your details, including the full address of your property with house name or number. We also require a mobile contact number if you have one, alternatively please provide a landline number. Please note the following: 1. Domestic Customers. Regular service for domestic customers is visits that have 2 months or less between them. Any visits that exceed 2 months between them will be classed as One-Off deep cleans and a different pricing will apply. You will receive our invoice card on completion of your service visit, all our payment details will be on this invoice, if you require an email invoice please inform the operator. Payment can be made via Cash, Cheque, BACS or GoCardless (please see our website payments page to get this setup). Regular customers have 5 working days to settle the payment in full, if not settled within this period we reserve the right to add an administration fee to the invoice, unless prior notice has been given to us as to why the payment cannot be made in time. One-Off services (e.g. Gutter Clearance), we require payment prior to our visit by Bank Transfer or Telephone Card Payment or via GoCardless. Roof Cleaning customers we require 20% deposit prior to our visit and the balance on the date of completion of works. Please also note that we have a minimum charge per visit of £20. 2. Commercial Customers Regular service is defined as visits that are 3 months or less between visits, if visits exceed this period between them, we no longer classify this as a regular service and One-Off deep clean pricing will apply. Our commercial payment times are the industry standard 30 days. *Special Note for our Window Tracks Cleaning Service: We require photos to be able to quote for this of each window and door that opens we then grade these base on the level of dirt and debris on a low, medium & high basis. With our price ranging from £5 - £15 per opening window. (The price indication here does not represent a quote just a general indication for customers wishing to use this service.)
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